March 7, 2023
LILY Letter 100: Helping Things Go Right in Relationships

Welcome to the 100th edition of our weekly LILY Letter! Thank-you for allowing us to lift your spirits each week. We love you! Do you remember how, early in a relationship, you and your partner had such positive feelings and so much hope? Whatever the other person asked you immediately said, "I'm glad to help!" […]

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January 29, 2022

Cathy and I broke up twice during our dating relationship. The first time was only for a few weeks. But after we started seeing each other again, it took a little time to share our second first kiss. The second time we broke up lasted over a year; when I wrote Cathy a letter asking […]

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May 18, 2021

In case you wondered, this picture doesn't show how I got Cathy to marry me -- though if it was, I'd never tell. Saturday, Cathy and I went to the Desert Star Theater and saw a play entitled "Harry Poppins" about what might have happened if a disgruntled Harry Potter had been fired from the […]

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