LILY Letter 167: Money Matters Post-Divorce

July 3, 2024

We're excited to announce our new online course "Thriving Financially After Divorce" designed to help you navigate your financial future with confidence and clarity - even during tricky transitions. This comprehensive course is divided into seven insightful sessions led by single life coaches Jeff and Cathy, who bring their unique perspectives and practical advice to each session. Jeff, an experienced attorney, introduces a new way of thinking about money, life, increasing income to meet your needs and pay your debts, and encouraging a fresh mindset post-divorce. Cathy, a seasoned family and business CFO, guides you through organizing your finances, emphasizing the importance of net worth statements in gaining control and creative energy over your financial situation.

In subsequent sessions, Jeff addresses the critical aspects of financial separation from your former partner, helping you untangle and establish your independent financial identity with his legal expertise. Cathy introduces the powerful debt snowball method, a strategy to help you eliminate debt systematically and effectively. Jeff's session, "A Big Shovel for Your New Life," focuses on leveraging your skills and opportunities to increase your income, while Cathy's budgeting session provides practical tips for managing your finances in your new life. Together, they bring a holistic approach to financial well-being after divorce.

Our final session, "Consider the Lilies of the Field," blends practical financial advice with spiritual insights. Reflecting on the wisdom of Matthew 6:28, we encourage you to trust in God's provision and guidance during this transformative time. Just as the lilies grow and flourish without toil, we believe that with faith and practical steps, you can thrive financially and emotionally. Join us in this journey and discover how to rebuild and strengthen your financial foundation after divorce.


Financial Freedom After Divorce (3-min intro for NEW online course)


Thriving Financially After Divorce (access our powerful NEW course!)

This course gives you access to powerful and timeless principles that will elevate your experience with money. Most of us struggle financially after divorce. Let us share what we have learned and help you THRIVE!


LILY Coaching is available to support you personally. Simply schedule a FREE Consult with Jeff or Cathy. We will provide you with a roadmap to your desired destination!

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