LILY Letter 166: Exploring Authentic Connections

June 20, 2024

Greetings Relationship Enthusiasts!

In our latest video, we delve into the enchanting world of "Love on the Spectrum," a Netflix series that captures the essence of dating with its whimsical charm and genuine encounters. Unlike many reality shows that leave viewers feeling anxious and unsettled, this show is a breath of fresh air. It stands out in positive ways by teaching the basics of dating etiquette in an unashamedly authentic, expressive, and sincere manner. From the simple act of conversation to increasing understanding, mutual respect and patience, this series offers valuable growth opportunities. We encourage you to subscribe to LILY Tube and watch our NEW VIDEO as we unpack the beautiful lessons embedded within this delightful series.

This refreshing relationship reality show feels more "REAL" and genuine than most reality television, especially reality shows about relationships. It offers real support for the participants on the Spectrum who desire love and companionship. We wish more relationship shows offered the same thoughtful coaching this show does. We believe we are all better off approaching dating and relationships with more intentional care and with a sense of vulnerable, authentic honesty. We address these same principles at length in our Amazon Best Seller: Intentional Courtship), mirroring the show's emphasis on increased self-awareness and honest efforts to connect. In one memorable segment, an autism expert illustrates the importance of taking turns in conversation by having a participant toss a ball back and forth, embodying the give-and-take of dialogue. This object lesson is not just for those on the spectrum but is a vital reminder for everyone about the importance of developing communication skills to support connected relationships.

The stories from "Love on the Spectrum" are not just teaching moments; they are reflections of our deepest yearnings for connection and understanding. Whether it's Steve, who at 63 finally is diagnosed and able to understand why it's been difficult for him to find love, or Abby, who learns the art of good conversation, these narratives celebrate the universal quest for love and acceptance. Join us in this conversation by watching our NEW VIDEO and share your thoughts in the comments so we can know what you think about the series and about the thoughts we share as relationship coaches.

Until next time, keep seeking honest and meaningful connections!

Love, Jeff & Cathy Teichert, Your Relationship Coaches at Love In Later Years (LILY)



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