LILY Letter 165: Proving Contraries - Honoring All Forms of Fatherhood

June 13, 2024

As we approach Father’s Day, let us broaden our celebration to include not only those who have taken on the role of a father in its traditional sense but also the men who are preparing for future fatherhood and who offer guidance and support to the children in their lives. In our recent video, Mothers & Fathers Who Don't Have Kids YET, we explore the significant influence these individuals can have on the lives of children, whether their own in the future or those in their current spheres of influence. The impact of your roles in preparing future generations is immeasurably valuable.

This week we want to share a concept that has been on our minds lately. This short 3-min video about Proving Contraries features insights from Jared Halverson on the famous quote from Joseph Smith: "By proving contraries, truth is made manifest." We recognize the contradictions and harmonies of both waiting for and stepping into parenthood. Jared Halverson shares a profound thought: "The weight of potential fatherhood teaches us patience and deep care, long before we hold our own children." This quote is particularly inspiring for those who might feel on the periphery this Father’s Day, reminding us that preparation and impact do not require direct lineage.

As we celebrate this Father's Day, let's honor all the men in our lives who nurture, mentor, and lead by example. Whether they are fathers now, or hold the promise of fatherhood in their hearts, their influence is a powerful testament to the strength and compassion found in waiting and preparing for such a pivotal role. Let this day be a reminder of the silent, yet profound contributions they make to our communities and families, shaping the future with every thoughtful action and every learned lesson shared.

Happy Father's Day to ALL Father Figures!!!

Jeff & Cathy Teichert


LILY Tube: Mother's & Father's Who Don't Have Kids YET

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