LILY Letter 163: Discovering Eternal Truths Amidst Ancient Mysteries

May 30, 2024

Dear Friends and Fellow Seekers,

As we gather together through this electronic medium, we are reminded once again of the rich tapestry that is our faith and the intricate journey each of us undertakes in our quest for spiritual understanding and growth. In this edition of our newsletter, we want to delve into a sacred topic that can be troubling—how a superficial understanding of ancient history can lead us away from the truth and into the throes of apostasy.

The Peril of Surface-Level Interpretation 

In LILY Pod 160. Olive Trees, Birthrights, Curses, & Covenants, we explore the critical importance of understanding ancient history in its proper context. It's often tempting to view historical events and ancient teachings through a modern lens, interpreting them with a 21st-century mindset that may not capture their true essence or intended message. This shallow interpretation can dangerously skew our understanding, leading us away from the truths they were meant to convey.

The Price of Doctrinal Discovery

Unraveling the deep meanings of ancient scriptures and teachings requires more than a cursory glance. It demands a willingness to immerse ourselves in the study, prayer, and contemplation of what has been handed down through the ages. We discuss the necessity of "paying the price" to truly uncover timeless, eternal truths. This price is not monetary; it is the investment of our time, effort, and heart into the study of sacred texts and the context in which they were written.

Applying Ancient Truths Today

One of the most profound concepts in our podcast discussion revolves around the application of these ancient truths to our personal lives in the modern world. It's one thing to understand what was written and quite another to grasp how it applies to our lives today. This application is a personal journey—one that asks us to reflect deeply on how these truths impact our personal faith and daily actions. May we all dig a little deeper and access our inner compass of spiritual guidance to find golden nuggets of truth to apply in our own lives.

Gethsemane and the Olive Press

Gethsemane in Hebrew means "Olive Press." In ancient times, olives were pressed to make olive oil and then used in lamps to create light. The agony Christ experienced in the Garden of Gethsemane as He was pressed for each of us was a pivotal moment in Christian theology in which Christ became the light of the world. We, in turn, are asked to go through our own refining fires and be pressed in our own unique ways. Through these experiences, we have the potential to bring forth light and become more like our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

Musical Expression of Testimony

We turn to music as a form of expression and contemplation. In a violin solo Cathy performed for Easter last year, this music serves as a reminder that the lessons of the past are not just historical footnotes but are alive with meaning that can challenge and change us in profound ways. As you listen to the reflective tones of Gethsemane, we invite you to contemplate the depth of sacrifice and the strength of faith exhibited in that ancient garden and to consider how such strength and faith can be mirrored in our own lives.

May we all explore the scriptures more, pondering questions with the intent to understand deeply and apply eternal truths with hearts full of hope. Our paths may be unique, but our destination is shared—richer understanding and deeper faith.

With warm regards and heartfelt prayers for your continued spiritual journey,

Jeff & Cathy Teichert


LILY Pod 160: Olive Trees, Birthrights, Curses & Covenants

Jeff & Cathy explore how apostasy can result from a shallow understanding of ancient history that we may not understand well in the 21st century unless we pay the price to discover timeless, eternal truths revealed anciently and consider how they apply to us personally today. Cathy share's a personal story about the miracles she's experienced with music, and how she relates that to Gethsemane - Violin Solo, her testimony shared through music.


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