LILY Letter 162: Is Love Really Blind?

May 23, 2024

The popular Netflix series "Love is Blind" challenges viewers with a central question: Can love truly transcend physical and material attributes? While the show presents this idea as a possibility, we as relationship coaches hold a different view. We believe that love, in its healthiest form, is not blind—nor should it be. The notion of "blind love" suggests a disregard for practical aspects of a relationship that are crucial for long-term compatibility, such as shared values, life goals, and mutual respect examined over a reasonable period of time in every day life. In season 1, only 2 couples made it to the alter and both said "I do." In the weddings of couples like Lauren and Cameron Hamilton, the series emphasizes emotional connections formed without physical influence. They have to get engaged to even meet each other face to face! However, it's important to recognize that sustainable relationships require clear-eyed assessment of each partner's entire way of being, which can only be observed adequately in person.

After their wedding, Lauren and Cameron expressed gratitude for finding each other through such an unusual experiment. Their success story, while heartwarming, highlights an exception rather than a norm. Real-life relationships demand resilience and willingness to face and solve problems together, not just initial emotional spark. The narrative that one can simply overlook and not be privy to certain realities can set many up for disappointment. In this case, we think they got lucky and we are sincerely happy for them. At the same time, we also acknowledge that addressing challenges head-on BEFORE engagement can lead to a stronger, more enduring bond.

As for Amber and Matt Barnett (the other couple who made it to the alter and are still married to this day), their evolution from a superficial connection to a committed relationship illustrates the importance of seeing beyond first impressions. Matt’s transition from a perceived 'playboy' to a devoted partner underscores that understanding a person's deeper qualities and intentions is crucial. Their future-oriented discussions post-marriage reveal that keeping each other in focus and continually nurturing the relationship are essential. This real-world approach counters the 'love is blind' philosophy by demonstrating that love should be informed and conscious, not rushed into.

In conclusion, while "Love is Blind" (season 1) offers intriguing narratives about love forming in the absence of physical presence, it's important to engage in relationships with eyes wide open. To our viewers, we encourage you to seek connections that are rooted in transparency and truth, valuing depth and authenticity over the allure of an idealized narrative. Whether you've watched the series or not, let’s discuss the realistic foundations of love and how they can lead to lasting partnerships. What are your thoughts on the balance between emotional connection and acknowledging the reality of the humanity our partners? Watch our response video with the link below and share your insights in the comments on LILY Tube.


LILY Tube: Relationship Coaches React to TV Show "Love is Blind" (Season 1)


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