LILY Letter 160: Non-Traditional Parenthood - All Mothering Matters

May 9, 2024

This year for Mother's Day and Father's Day, we extend heartfelt greetings not only to those who have children but also to those who have yet to fulfill their dreams of parenthood. Many single adults, as well as couples facing challenges like infertility, find themselves in this group. But the desire and ability to nurture isn’t confined by traditional family structures. Whether you’re an aunt, uncle, godparent, or a friend, there are countless ways to leave a positive imprint on the lives of the younger generation. This newsletter explores how non-traditional roles contribute significantly to child development and societal well-being.

In many cultures, extended family members play crucial roles in a child’s life. Aunts and uncles often become confidants and mentors, offering guidance that complements parental advice. Godparents and close family friends are entrusted not just with emotional and spiritual guidance but also with introducing children to new perspectives and experiences. Moreover, community members like teachers and coaches impact far beyond their official capacities, helping to shape young minds with their expertise, kindness, and moral support.

Embracing Alternative Opportunities

For us, we had children with our first spouses but wanted more. Long periods of time single, remarriage and 2nd divorces, we had some unforeseen circumstances that set us back in having more children. Unfortunately, after finally finding each other and getting married, there was a myriad of health problems to overcome, miscarriage, and infertility issues that have prevented us from having children together in this life. We share this painful discovery in effort to also recognize those who may have children but wanted more and couldn't, for whatever reason.

Now for the fun part. As a single mother of two young boys who spent half the time at their dad's home, Cathy turned her passion for music into a fulfilling opportunity to teach and mentor children through her violin studio, influencing many young lives over the years. Likewise, individuals throughout our communities enrich the lives of children by engaging with local schools, volunteering with youth organizations, or simply being there to offer a listening ear. It truly takes a village to nurture the next generation, and each of us has an important role to play. And for those who remarry, there is the opportunity for bonus kids and grandbabies. Life won't always look like what we envisioned, but it can still be rich and meaningful as we look for the compensatory blessings to be parental figures with whatever opportunities come our way.

This Mother's & Father's Day, we celebrate those who contribute to children’s lives, including those who do so without being parents in the conventional sense. We acknowledge the broad spectrum of love and guidance that nurtures our future generations. Whether you’re directly involved with children now or are looking to start, remember every interaction with a young person is a chance to positively impact their future—and enrich your own life in the process.

Happy Mother's Day to ALL Mothering Women!

Jeff & Cathy Teichert


Mothers and Fathers Who Don't Have Kids YET


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