LILY Letter 159: Connections, Conundrums & Relationship Realities

May 2, 2024

Tune in to our new podcast, Exposing Relationship Realities, where we explore whether some people are naturally "relationship people" and if others are destined to remain single. This episode was inspired by the "after party" (not filmed) after our most recent webinar (filmed for your edification). To add depth to our podcast discussion, we share insights from Matthew Hussey's video on What People Get Wrong About Self Love. Hussey is one of the few relationship coaches we think is worth listening to (besides us of course :). Common misconceptions about self-love can hinder our ability to form healthy relationships and impede personal and relational growth. We explore what it really means to be human and overcome emotional barriers that can so easily foster contempt for those we are closest to, including ourselves.

Have you considered blending a family, or are you in one? Be sure to watch our new video Are You a "Wicked Stepparent"? We know from first hand experience how difficult it can be when the kids we are trying to love and raise don't appreciate our efforts. This discussion focuses on the intricacies and challenges of becoming a stepparent, providing insights into the emotional and practical aspects of stepping into a blended family. This video is especially useful for new or prospective stepparents, and for single parents who are dating. We explore how to navigate the complexities of joining a family with children and fostering healthy relationships within a new family dynamic.

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Video: Are You a "Wicked Stepparent"?

Podcast: Exposing Relationship Realities

Webinar: Removing Roadblocks From Your Life

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