LILY Letter 155: LILY Updates & Lifestyle Links

April 4, 2024

We are thrilled to announce we've refreshed our website to make it more user-friendly and visually appealing. We believe you'll find the content valuable and engaging. Our mission at LILY has always been to empower and inspire, and we're taking that to the next level with our latest enhancements.

Our exclusive coaching groups for men and women are NOW open for enrollment (which only happens three times per year). Join us for Summer Term (starts May 1st!)! Enroll ASAP to be guaranteed a spot. Visit our Group Coaching Page to learn more and signup. We'd love to have you join the great group of men and women who are already showing up, doing the work, and making great progress in their lives!

Recently we introduced "Targeted Shorts" on LILY Tube, which feature impactful videos designed to provide quick insights and tips on various topics. These shorts are perfect for those moments when you need a quick dose of inspiration or advice.

Also in recent months, we launched a limited series of podcasts on LILY Pod called "LILY Lifestyle Tips." This series now covers a total of 11 lifestyle topics, including Spiritual Promptings, Responding to a Grieving Friend, Motivation to Exercise, Dating for Single Parents, Grocery Budget Hacks, Swapping Childcare, Bringing out Strengths in Others, Working from Your Strengths, Dinner Date Etiquette, Deciding About Divorce in 3 Steps, and Rational Approach to Romance. Each episode provides practical insights to help you navigate life's challenges and opportunities with confidence. We invite you to binge listen with convenient links below (they are about 5 minutes each). This limited series is being discontinued so we hope you enjoy what we created for a short time (Nov-April).

Lastly, we're excited to share that we are dedicating more energy and resources to serve our coaching clients and developing new courses to further support your personal growth journey.

Moving forward, we will either release a full podcast episode OR a long-form video with week (which will be shared here in our weekly LILY Letters so stay tuned!). This weekly content will focus on providing in-depth discussion on important topics, complementing our targeted shorts (2-3 per week).

Thank you for being part of our LILY community. We look forward to continuing to provide you with valuable content and resources that empower you to live your best life. Explore our updated website and subscribe to all our FREE resources!

LILY Lifestyle Links:

Welcome to "LILY Lifestyle Tips," where we give you quick and simple hacks for creating a happy life and healthy relationships. Binge listen to all 11 Lifestyle Podcasts HERE:

Spiritual Promptings

Responding to a Grieving Friend

Motivation to Exercise

Dating for Single Parents

Grocery Budget Hacks

Swapping Childcare

Bring out Strengths in Others

Working from Your Strengths

Dinner Date Etiquette

Deciding About Divorce in 3 Steps

Rational Approach to Romance



Our exclusive coaching groups for men and women are now OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT! Now is the time to join us for Summer Term! Enroll ASAP to be guaranteed a spot. To learn more, check out our Group Coaching Page. We invite you to join the great group of men and women who are already showing up, doing the work, and making great progress!

MEN: Join Knights of the LILY

WOMEN: Join the LILY Ladies


LILY Coaching is available to support you personally. Simply schedule a FREE Consult with Jeff or Cathy. We will provide you with a roadmap to your desired destination!

To heal from relationship loss and create more love in your life in 2024, read Intentional Courtship (available on Amazon).

Dive even deeper into healing with our self-paced online course: Life Design After Divorce (now available on demand!).

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