LILY Letter 142: Working with Reality & Making Compromises

December 28, 2023

Years ago, Jeff was working with a builder to construct a home. As they went through estimates of costs, the time it was going to take to complete, and what the finished product might look like, the builder told Jeff that, in construction, there are three priorities to consider: good, fast, cheap. He said, "Most people want all three, but in reality, you can really only have two so pick which two are most important."

If you want a high quality product built fast, you will pay more for porcelain tile, stone accents on the outside, cedar shakes shingles, granite countertops and other quality material, because you aren't taking time to find a better price or wait for it to go on sale. You are paying more for labor because you are not waiting around for less expensive subcontractors to be available or trying to hire them at off-peak times so you can pay less. So if you want good and fast, it is not going to be cheap.

If you want something built fast and cheap, you are going to use inferior materials to keep the costs down, and settle for cheaper sub-contractors who may rush through the project to keep it cheap for you and get on to the next project as quick as they can. In other words if you want it fast and cheap, quality is going to suffer.

If you want a construction process that is good and cheap, it probably isn't going to be fast. You may work with a builder that has multiple projects going on at once, who is taking his time to shop for the best materials at the best price, and who may be in demand so you may have to wait for that contractor to get to your project. If you want it good and cheap, it probably isn't going to be fast.

These trade-offs exist in other areas of life too. If you are a single adult in the dating world, you might want a relationship that is fast and cheap. You may want it to just appear almost without effort and to lead to marriage very quickly. But if you haven't invested the time and put in the effort, chances are that the relationship may not be very good. Likewise, finding a relationship that is fast but still good may not be cheap. It may require a huge investment of time and money that may not allow for much else in your life. You may have to sacrifice a lot of other priorities to be intentional about developing a good relationship with someone you may not even know very well yet. On the other hand, if you want a relationship that is both good and cheap, without a lot of investment it is probably going to take a long period of time to find someone suitable and have it develop into something solid.

Good, fast, and cheap. If you are building something to last for eternity, which two will you choose?


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