LILY Letter 140: Up-Level Your Life & Relationships

December 14, 2023

Our mission as single life & relationship coaches is to help single adults who want to intentionally heal from loss and actively create happy lives with healthy relationships.

"Many have told me of doing everything humanly possible to change a negative attitude or rescue a spoiled relationship, only to fail again and again and finally give up hope. This seems to me the saddest part of being driven by negative emotions or attitudes: We cannot see how to stop. We have been endowed with the capacity to imagine a happy and fulfilling life for ourselves, but we cannot see how to make it happen." ~C. Terry Warner, Bonds that Make Us Free

Sometimes we need an outside perspective to help us change entrenched negative thought patterns. Coaching doesn't mean you can't handle your life, it is for people who want to live with more purpose and peace -- that begins with changing the way we think.

Over time, the best way to shift the way we think to perspectives that serve us better, is to work consistently with a good coach. That can happen with private one-on-one coaching and can also be highly effective with group coaching. That's why we started the "Knights of the LILY" roundtables with Jeff and "LILY Ladies" sessions with Cathy.

Group coaching provides personal support and synergistic benefits. In a group setting, coaching can effectively help you be truthful and vulnerable and yet feel accepted, strong, and worthy. For those on a tight budget, groups are an affordable alternative to private coaching, in addition to all the aforementioned benefits.

Give yourself the gift of intentional and supportive life design. Discover the magic of LILY Group Coaching! It will provide you with transformative concepts, valuable support, and insightful counsel from self-reflective friends who are on their own journeys of enlightenment and self-improvement.

Open enrollment for these membership groups only happens three times per year and RIGHT NOW we are open for enrollment for  WINTER TERM (Jan-Apr 2024). Each 4-month term provides LIVE Zoom sessions as well as a membership login to access recordings of sessions and bonus content associated with each month's focus. It also provides the opportunity to be in touch between sessions with group messaging so your support team is available at any time!

This Christmas, give yourself the gift of life coaching at an affordable group rate and step into your power in 2024! To learn more and to join, check out all the FREE resources below, including our upcoming FREE Webinar that will inspire you to purposefully create the life and relationships you want moving forward. We hope to see you there!

Love, Jeff & Cathy Teichert

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