LILY Letter 137: Happy Thanksgiving! The Benefits of Gratitude

November 22, 2023
Following our divorces, we had a rough time and experienced many subsequent losses (financial, health, other relationships, etc.). On top of those accumulated losses, we each struggled with depression for many years. Oddly enough, losing everything we felt mattered taught us that gratitude is the most important key to happiness. We learned how to start seeing all that was still good in our lives, even when it was really hard. It made a difference in our own growth and development along the way and we believe as we intentionally focus on what is good in our lives, it ultimately leads to more goodness in the future!
Now that many compensatory blessings have come, we value all of those blessings so much more than we did before -- our marriage, bonus children, miraculously timed career opportunities, new friends, expanded family, a comfortable home, reliable vehicles, and LILY. It's not just normal. It is all very special. We appreciate the abundance a loving Heavenly Father has restored to us. We look to the future with bright hope and enthusiasm.

If you are struggling with the depression and loss that afflicts so many single adults of our faith,  find things to be grateful for. Think about the things the Lord has blessed you with instead of the misery life has dealt you. Accept the place you are in -- and really surrender to it. That doesn't mean you don't aspire to better things. But stop fighting battles that are over. Once you have given yourself time for grief and processing, stop dwelling on past events that cannot be changed. We know from painful personal experience, that path leads to depression and despair.

This Thanksgiving, think of what you are grateful for. List your blessings. Let the thought of them fill your heart with so much joy there is no more room for despair. As we focus upward and forward, with genuine gratitude for all we have, we will be filled with joy and enjoyment of our blessings. We also open up space for the Lord to bless us with even more blessings to be grateful for. The law of attraction welcomes more of what we focus on. As we focus on our blessings, more will follow.
Wishing you the happiness gratitude brings and abundant blessings in your future. Happy Thanksgiving! Love, Jeff & Cathy Teichert


This week on LILY Pod, we have a special podcast featuring our many wise and insightful podcast guests from the past 3 years to help listeners know which episodes to focus on to support their own situations in life. Enjoy listening and have a joyful holiday!

LILY Pod: Gratitude for our Guests

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