LILY Letter 132: What We Focus On Grows

October 19, 2023

We want start this week's LILY Letter with an observation we have made in ourselves and in our coaching clients. For most, it is easy to see when a child is throwing a fit and causing him or herself more pain. It can also be obvious to see when a friend or family member who, with a negative attitude, continues making their life more difficult than it needs to be. However, it is generally much more difficult to see when we ourselves are focusing on the negative and not taking responsibility for our part in the creation of our negative experience.

So what can be done about this difficulty of seeing ourselves clearly? When we are not feeling good, we can ask ourselves the following two questions. 1. Do we want to assume personal responsibility and take some effective action in our minds and behaviors to turn the situation around? 2. Or, are we in need of compassion and giving ourselves some grace for the frustration we are experiencing, independent of who we think is responsible for it? The truth is, it's not really an either/or question. We all need some compassion and grace in combination with assuming personal responsibility and taking effective action.

The truth is, we often have more power and influence over our circumstances then we tend to believe at first glance. This is why we coach -- because we know the power of looking a little deeper. For instance, when we are on vacation, we may not control the weather or the crowds, but we can see there are a lot of choices to make in response to the factors outside of our control. Our overall experience is greatly impacted by what we choose to focus on as we move through life. Sometimes that means simply embracing unexpected opportunities that arise out of disappointing circumstances.

The universal law of attraction states that what we focus on grows. As we infuse Divine perspective into our focus, God can help us utilize the law of attraction in our favor. He wants to bless and heal us, even when we are not entirely in harmony with the kind of positive energy we need to generate those blessings. When we are open to shifting our focus and allowing God to guide our minds and hearts, we allow Him to shape our lives and our experience. Even when we aren't perfectly clear with our thinking or positive in our attitude, infusing God into the law of attraction will always shift things for the better. Just like the prodigal son, as we turn toward our Father in Heaven, he immediately begins to bless us with good gifts.


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