LILY Letter 131: Falling In Love with Conference

October 12, 2023

Every 6 months, leaders of our faith gather together in Salt Lake City to broadcast messages of hope and faith around the world. For members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, this is a special time to reflect on our beliefs and renew our faith. The first semi-annual conference each year is held in the spring (April) and the second is held in the fall (October).

As the leaves are falling outside and as we celebrate our annual fall traditions, one of those special traditions is falling in love with every new conference talk that resonates with us personally. Did you know that Conference can even help singles fall in love in the real world? As you learn to trust in a God of miracles, you can believe more in the reality that God can help you find your forever companion.

One of our core beliefs in the gospel of Jesus Christ is that God gives good gifts and He is active in our lives. Could you use a miraculously good gift? Do you crave having the power of God in your life to bring about the kind of changes you want? One of President Nelson's fundamental teachings is that God is a god of miracles and that there is much more for us to learn and to gain by developing our relationship with Him.

As we enjoy this fall season, may we fall in love with conference, and perhaps even with our forever companion through the messages given at conference. Enjoy this week's podcast on the conference talks we fell in love with and how they apply to navigating single life and remarriage. Listen to our FREE new podcast on LILY Pod here: Falling in Love with Conference.

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