LILY Letter 127: Running Toward Your Goals

September 12, 2023

How often have you heard variations of the following statements?

"No woman will give me a chance."

"There are no real men who will step up in relationships."

"There are way more suitable single women then men, so there aren't enough good men to go around."

"Women only want a man with good looks and lots of money."

"90 percent of the women only want to date 10 percent of the men."

What do all of these statements have in common? They are all negative and emphasize things outside of our control. Can you personally change how the opposite sex thinks or what dating opportunities exist in the world?

If it is true that there are fewer good, available men than women (and we don't necessarily think it is), is it beyond the realm of possibility that you could be one of the women who attracts one of the good men who are available?

If 90 percent of the women want to date 10 percent of the men (and we don't necessarily think that is true either), is it possible that you could be one of the 10 percent of men that women want or that you could find women who don't think in a way that would exclude you?

The answer to this problem of pervasive perceptions that don't serve us is to keep our goals and intentions ever present in our minds. The Lord sets the example in the way He works with us, as Isaiah wrote, "Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me" (Isaiah 49:16). Setting a New Year's resolution one time and then forgetting it will not create the energy we need to accomplish our goals.

In this week's podcast interview (links below), Nate Lambert talks about how he puts his goals up on the wall where he can see and review them every day as he runs on his treadmill. He literally runs toward his goals daily! They are constantly before his mind as he actively pursues them. This habit has worked well for him. After a devastating divorce, He is now married to the woman of his dreams!

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LILY Pod: Running Toward Your Goals with Nate & Beckie Lambert (LISTEN OPTION)

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LILY Tube: Courting with Confidence (summary)

LILY Tube: Courting with Confidence WEBINAR (in depth)

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