LILY Letter 120: Leaps of Faith & Victory in Christ

July 26, 2023

We were asked to give the keynote address for the Twin Falls Singles Conference last weekend (7/22/23). The theme for that conference was "Victory in Christ" so that has been on our mind for the past few months. It was wonderful to associate with and get to know the many single adults ages 30+ who attended and participated in the conference. Each had a special spirit about them and we were grateful for the opportunity to make so many new friends. 

Cathy focused her remarks on how we can access the love of God inside each of us as single people. By doing so we actively and intentionally create more love in our lives as we rely on our Savior to make us whole and support our efforts to love one another. 

Jeff focused his remarks on responding to adversity with strength and accessing the power of God through faith. Faith that we can be victorious as we access the Savior's power gives us hope. Real hope.

To go along with our "Victory in Christ" Keynotes (recordings of our talks are now available on LILY Tube!), our podcast dives into "Taking Leaps of Faith" (links below). Each of us has the opportunity to seek inspiration, through the Spirit, for the leaps of faith required to get us where we want to go. Faith that we will be safely guided to our destination provides us the courage to take those leaps. As we do so, we maintain hope that we will ultimately be victorious through Christ.

"All victory and glory is brought to pass unto you through your diligence, faithfulness, and prayers of faith" (D&C 103:36). Wishing each of our readers courageous leaps of faith that safely take you to your divine destination. Sincerely yours, the Teicherts 


LILY Pod: Taking Leaps of Faith 

LILY Tube: Victory in Christ: WE ARE LOVE (by Cathy Teichert) 

LILY Tube: Victory in Christ: STRENGTH IN ADVERSITY (by Jeff Teichert)

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