LILY Letter 117: Celebrating Emotional Independence - Happy 4th of July!

July 4, 2023

As we celebrate independence here in America, we invite you to consider emotional independence and how to go about declaring that independence against whatever is depriving you of it. The inability to make a decision on your own can be its own form of tyranny. Fear that you lack the ability to support yourself financially can compel you into an unwise or even abusive second marriage. Despair that you have lost the thing you most value (your intact family and your eternal blessings) can rule over you like a tyrant. 

It would be wise for you to sit down on a Sunday afternoon and draft your own Declaration of Emotional Independence. In this document, you can explore the fears, worries, and doubts that keep you stuck. You can write your aspirations for emotional sovereignty of your own. You can assert your fundamental rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness--with which you were endowed by your Creator. 

The United States became free and independent because of the deliberate act of brave men who declared independence from the most powerful nation on earth. The only thing that made their stand for freedom possible was their reliance on the power and benevolence of a just God. That same God, the ruler of Heaven and Earth, is there for you. With 'firm reliance on the protection of divine providence" bravely declare your own independence from the fears, doubts, and worries that have held you back and exercise tyranny over your soul. 

If you are divorced and learning how to co-parent with your former spouse, this week's podcast explores "The Benefits of Indifference" in post-divorce co-parenting relationships and how much emotional freedom that can bring. Happy Independence Day 2023!


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