LILY Letter 115: Honoring Single Fathers

June 20, 2023

Now is a confusing time to be a man. In this day and age, a father that tries to be the head of the house is looked upon as a misogynist dinosaur. On the other hand, a father who does not try to be the head of the house is looked upon as weak and sometimes as a deadbeat. Where does a dad really fit into the lives of his children, especially a single dad? Many of you are trying to be full-time parents and full-time breadwinners for two households. One single mothers have similar challenges, we are sympathetic. But we expect men to be Superman and equal to any challenge. When an overwhelming situation presents itself we say, "be a man!"

As single fathers, we have a unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our children because we are caring for them when their mother is not around (when it is our parent time). We have isolated parent time when the kids are not with the other parent and cannot simply rely on their mothers to do all the nurturing or whatever else needs to be done. We have the opportunity to become complete parents, rather than merely engaging in a division of labor with someone who serves a completely different role in their lives.

Divorced men and single fathers often get a bad rap. But we know they're not villains. Often when a divorcing woman gets compassion and sympathy a single man gets suspicion. We want to challenge prevailing stereotypes and encourage and empower men to be the strong fathers their children need and deserve. You make a profound difference with the choices you make. As you choose to show up in your manly strength and support your kids in all the ways that feel right and good to you, it is statistically proven that your children will do better in life because of it.

Wishing you the happiest (belated) Father's Day during this month we celebrate fathers. We honor and value your service in your families and your persistence with staying in your children's lives. Enjoy this week's podcasts and videos that honor fathers. 


LILY Pod: Why Fathers Count

LILY Tube: Single Fathers are NOT Villains

LILY Short: Divine Motivation

LILY Pod BONUS: Women, Let's Not Underestimate Our Men

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