LILY Letter 111: The Blessing of Abundant Options

May 23, 2023

God wants us to be abundant. He will bless us with what we need to do His work. He will turn what is not enough into plenty. Jesus fed 5000 people with three loaves and two fishes and had an abundance left over. God is not limited by the scarce resources of the earth. 

Joel Osteen refers to our God as an "overflow God" with the capacity to provide "supernatural provision."  These ideas should not be confused with the often repeated and erroneous doctrine that we will always be blessed for righteousness. Good people like Job and Joseph (who was sold into Egypt) experienced severe trials despite being righteous people. But our faith in an abundant God can help us weather the storms of life and believe that better things are coming and ultimately open ourselves to blessings He intends to deliver to us. Joseph went from being a slave and a prisoner to being the ruler of the most powerful nation on earth. And God gave Job twice as much as he had before. 

Thinking abundantly can lead us to actions that will multiply our efforts. Increasing abundance provides us with options that we would not have if we were living in scarcity and lack, and believing that we will always struggle. We can begin to develop a more positive faith by understanding that God wants to bless us and He gives us trials to show us miracles when he delivers us.

We have a lot more options with our mind when we choose to question thoughts that don't serve us and clean up any cynical thinking that keeps us stuck. We wish each of our readers an abundance of financial resources, good physical health, and refined mental health as we focus on cultivating an abundance of supportive thoughts that serve us well. 

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