LILY Letter 110: Honoring Single Mothers

May 16, 2023

We just celebrated Mother's Day. We believe holidays can last all month. This month, and especially this week, we encourage each of our readers to reach out to their single mom friends to offer appreciation and support in what can be a pretty thankless and heavy stewardship they carry.

Whether you are a single mom, a married mom, a stepmom, an adoptive mom, or a favorite aunt - whatever your position is and stewardships are - the best thing we can give the children in our lives is the gift of supportive thinking. When we offer our own minds stories and perceptions that serve us well, it is easier for us to offer our children, who look to us for guidance and counsel, thoughts and perceptions that serve them well.

Moms provide a lot of nurturing and caretaking for their children, their families and their households. Moms, please remember to nurture and care for yourself too. Everyone will benefit, including you! We love and appreciate you. Mothers - thanks for all you do and the sacrifices you make to prepare the next generation for success. 

HAPPY MOTHER'S MONTH! Enjoy the FREE empowering podcasts and videos below that support and strengthen women. 


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If you enjoy this letter, forward to a friend. Our goal is to support as many mid-singles and later-married couples as possible so please share this letter with those you love!

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