LILY Letter 109: Wishing Everyone Well (Anniversary Edition)

May 9, 2023

This week we celebrate our 5-year wedding anniversary. We were sealed in the Provo City Center Temple May 11, 2018. For our single readers who long for a joyful temple marriage, we believe one day that joy will be yours! How do you want people to respond when it's your turn to celebrate new love in your life? Do you want them to be happy for you and celebrate with you? 

When we were single, long before we ever met, we each affirmatively decided that when people found love and got married, we would choose to be happy for them. It was a blessing we wanted for ourselves and being happy for them gave us hope. When it was our turn, and we were tempted to feel sad for those who weren't there yet (but wanted to be), it gave us the opportunity to be truly happy for ourselves and receive the well wishes of those who chose to be happy for us. 

When a dating partner gives us the news that they no longer want to date us, it is often tempting to feel bitter and cast aspersions in return. When a mid-single friend gets engaged, we may be tempted to be jealous that our friend might spend less time with us when they get married or to feel bitter because our friend has been blessed with something we want and don't yet have for ourselves. The problem is that those negative reactions keep us stuck instead of allowing us the freedom to move forward and create our own happily ever after. 

We have always thought it was sad when a dating couple who shared many positive memories and personal feelings decide to break up and end up hating each other (or pretend the other person doesn't exist). That is usually not necessary. When we give each other grace and wish each other well instead of fault finding and blaming, we spread a little more light in the world and feel better about our own prospects for the future.


For our readers who would like to meet up with us in person, we will be holding our 6th quarterly LILY Dinner on Saturday, May 13, 2023 at 6:30pm at Los Hermanos in Lindon, UT. We will be celebrating our 5-year wedding anniversary and LILY's 3-year anniversary! Here's a link to the FB event to RSVP: Anniversary LILY Dinner.


This week we finish diving into "REJECTION" on LILY Pod to support you in becoming a master at dealing with the inevitable rejection that comes with dating and relationships. Last week we focused on "Giving Rejection Well."  This week we get into the other side with "Receiving Rejection with Grace." Enjoy the full series (LILY Pod 117-119).

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