LILY Letter 106: Achieving Emotional Freedom

April 18, 2023

Jesus said His disciples would know the truth, and "the truth shall make you free" (John 8:32). Jesus said that the truth would liberate them from being servants of sin (John 8:34). Whether we are in bondage to our own sins or stuck in trauma resulting from the sins of others, the remedy is redemption through the atonement of Jesus Christ. It is putting the past behind us and refusing to let it hurt us anymore. It is forgiving ourselves for the ways we have hurt others and letting go of the ways others may have hurt us. It is even letting go of the ways in which we may have hurt ourselves as we've navigated through our earthly journeys.
Sometimes this process of "letting go" is easier said than done. Gratefully there are a wide variety of therapeutic modalities that can help to release trauma including EMDR, ART, and EFT. These and other therapies MUST be accompanied by a firm resolution to free yourself from your abuser. We also believe any form of therapy is most effective when we seek healing from our Savior and develop a firm reliance on strength that only God can give.
This week we had Misti Love as a guest on our podcast. She shares her expertise with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), which can be administered at home. This is a technique Cathy discovered many years ago during her mid-single years to help her find healing and recovery after her divorce. We are excited to share this technique with you now. It can support with your efforts to achieve emotional freedom and enjoy more inner peace.

The podcast is where we dive into many ways to create more emotional freedom in our lives. We highly recommend listening to that and watching the video demonstration where Misty walks us through how to tap on body points that help complete the cycle of unresolved trauma so emotions can complete their process and be released from the body. During this demonstration, we focused on letting go of fear that can come from car accidents and the subsequent anxiety experienced in moving vehicles. Tap along with us if this applies to you. Of course, tapping can also apply to any kind of fear we may have as the result of past trauma. Adapt accordingly and discover the power of EFT for yourself. Happy tapping!


LILY Pod Interview (Listen Option): Emotional Freedom with Misti Love

LILY Tube Interview (Watch Option): Emotional Freedom with Misti Love

LILY Tube: Releasing Anxiety with EFT

LILY Short: How Fear Gets in the Way

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