LILY Letter 102: Long Distance Relationships

March 21, 2023

Some ask why they should consider a long distance relationship, when they are typically more difficult and more complicated than a relationship with someone who lives in the same town. There are several reasons:

1. You may be in a remote location church-wise. If you really believe in the blessings of eternal marriage and take them seriously, it is no small issue whether you marry in the temple or not.

2. You may have met someone great in an unusual way. You may have met someone on your mission and later found out on Facebook that he or she is single. What if you met someone while deployed with the military and had to move on before you got a chance to see how the relationship played out?

3. Perhaps you are not finding what you are looking for. There are plenty of fish in the sea. But when you have dated all of them, maybe it makes sense to look for another sea to fish in.

4. In many cases, long distance dating is better than not dating at all. While long distance dating may not be the ideal, It is certainly preferable to not dating at all if circumstances in your location are not well suited to dating locally.

If you choose to engage in long distance dating, you would be wise to consider the following tips:

1. Date regularly. Even if you are talking on the phone every day, video dating presents less opportunity for people to hide and exposes the environment they live in better than calls and texts.

2. Don't chat more than a few times online before you get to a phone date and soon after that to a video date.

3. Save your pennies for gas or air fare. While phone and video dates are great, nothing replaces in-person contact for getting to know someone. Once the two of you have decided to explore things, you need to see each other as often as finances and circumstances permit.

4. Consider dating for longer than you would if you lived closer. Dating longer and spending significant time in each other's homes will help you know each other better before making the serious commitment of marriage.

6. Be honest. In a long distance relationship, it is easier to hide. Don't hide.

Long distance dating presents both opportunities and challenges. If you are not dating because of a lack of opportunities in your area, it is something to consider.


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