LILY Letter 97: Happy Valentine's!

February 14, 2023

In the movie "Mr. Wrong," the main character, played by Ellen DeGeneres calls Valentine's Day "the lamest day on a single girl's calendar." For many, it is a solemn reminder of what they don't have. It is sometimes an excuse for well-meaning parents to pressure their single adult children to hurry up and get married. It is a day many mid-singles dread.

If you feel this way, we invite you to remember back to your elementary school days when you exchanged cards and little heart candies with messages on them with your friends. We shared them with our friends of both sexes. As children, Valentine's Day was a celebration of love between friends.

If you are without a romantic partner this Valentine's Day, and you would like to mark the day in some way, you can invite a few friends to join you for a Valentine's Day celebration. Maybe you will even give them cheap Valentine's cards and candy hearts with messages on them. You could also just make a special dinner for your kids and think of other out-of-the-ordinary ways to express your love for them.

For others, you can do what I usually did, which was simply to treat Valentine's Day like any other day. There is nothing sacrilegious about that.

Most of all, though, I really hope that Valentine's Day fills you with hope instead of dread. I hope it reminds you of the possibilities that are still out there for you. If it is your desire to find someone special, I hope you will think, "next Valentine's Day I will celebrate with my special person." We wouldn't have a holiday celebrating romantic love if it was out of reach for most people. We believe it is within reach for you. The coming of Valentine's Day should give you reason for hope that true love is still a possibility for you.

Our featured podcast episode this week is Love is Additive and our featured video is Valentine’s - How to Move from Friendzone to Love Affair. Our Short of the week is The Gift of Supportive Thinking. Convenient links to all of these FREE new resources are provided below. Also included are links to last year’s Valentine’s offerings: Single Status & Love Month (podcast) and Single on Valentine’s? No Problem (video). Wishing you all the loving energy this life has to offer. We love you. Have a wonderful Valentine’s week! See new FREE offer below the featured podcasts/videos.


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