LILY Letter 94: Sunshine for 2023

January 24, 2023

Our first interview this year is with Sunshine Harston, who sheds some incredible light on her own personal experience with divorce, death of a spouse, and now being remarried with a blended family and bonus children. She has referred to some of her greatest losses as "beautiful heartbreak." We have pondered that in the wake of losing Jeff's 24-year-old son, and have found beauty in heartbreak, because the heartbreak is grounded in love. Being heartbroken over loss simply reminds us what that person meant to us and still means. The goal isn't necessarily to stop feeling heartache. If you truly loved the person you lost, you may not even want to get over the heartbreak for a while. (When you lose a spouse or a child to death, that heartbreak may well last a lifetime, though it will look and feel different in the future.) A better objective is to make it beautiful and meaningful, and part of what contributes to and prepares us for great blessings in the future.

When we consecrate our most difficult life experiences to our highest good and becoming our best selves, the heartbreak becomes beautiful and we become exponentially more empathetic to those who suffer similar loss. Our mess can transform into messages of hope and healing. As we have served over the last two and a half years in the singles community, we have felt that great need for the resources we wished for when we were first divorced. We sincerely hope you are taking advantage of the many FREE opportunities to be supported by our weekly podcast, our weekly videos, and our weekly articles and LILY Letters. To access all of that and more, visit

Sunshine is a great example of someone who has opened her heart to love again despite experience with marital loss. If you would like to open your heart to more love in your life or be able to process loss in ways that serve you best, check out this week’s featured interview: Death, Divorce & Remarriage with Sunshine Harston (listen and watch options below). This week also features 2 shorts: Relieving Depression with Coaching and Achieving Joy in a Relationship.


LILY Pod Episode 104: Death, Divorce, & Remarriage with Sunshine Harston (80min)

LILY Tube Interview: Death, Divorce, & Remarriage with Sunshine Harston (80min)

LILY Tube Short: Relieving Depression with Coaching (1min)

LILY Tube Short: Achieving Joy in a Relationship (1min)

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