LILY Letter 87: Are You Waiting on the Lord?

December 6, 2022

Waiting does not have to be passive. You can patiently wait while being anxiously engaged in good causes and active in pursuing the life you want. Of course, as anyone who has listened to our podcast or watched our videos or read or Amazon bestseller Intentional Courtship knows, we believe in being intentional about healing from loss and moving forward in life with confidence and purpose.

As a Suzuki violin teacher, I (Cathy) learned in Dr. Suzuki's book, "Nurtured by Love," that patience in the United States generally means to grit your teeth and bear it. This is far different than what patience looks like in Japan. For Suzuki, patience is simply putting the information in over and over until it sticks. This means we persistently and consistently do what it takes to get where we want to go with a joyful heart. Taking joy in the journey and process of learning is a happy way to bide our time while waiting on the Lord.

Are you not yet married but would like to be? Are you divorced and longing for a successful companionship? Are you widowed and feeling lonely, missing your companion? Most of these situations require a great deal of patience and reliance on the Lord and His time table for us as we anxiously await resolution for our trials of faith. Remember your Divine worth and the heavenly power that God has bestowed on you to be empowered to overcome adversity and build a beautiful life. "Men are that they might have joy" in this life and in the world to come. We believe that requires intentional effort on our part, even as we wait on the Lord.

This week we are featuring our monthly interview. Expand Your Comfort Zone with Heidi Totten (listen & watch options below) will inspire you and the associated weekly video Feeling Left Behind by the Married Crowd? will give you empathy and a fresh perspective. Our short is Creating Healthy Relationships — something we can all look forward to when we are single and longing for a happy union.


LILY Pod Episode 99: Expand Your Comfort Zone with Heidi Totten (115min) LISTEN OPTION

LILY Tube Interview: Expand Your Comfort Zone with Heidi Totten (115min) VIDEO OPTION

LILY Tube: Feeling Left Behind by the Married Crowd? (41min)

LILY Tube Short: Creating Healthy Relationships (1min)

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