LILY Letter 81: Happy Halloween!

October 25, 2022

When we think about Halloween, we associate it with cultural rituals like costume parties, trick or treating, and school carnivals. In fact, these rituals have their origin in an ancient Celtic festival called Samhain (pronounced “Sow-wen”), which literally means November. It was considered the day when the world moves from the light part of the year into the dark part of the year. It was considered to be a time between times. The ancient Celts believed that was a time of gateway, where the dead and the living could commune.

When Christianity came to Ireland, the Catholic Church didn't ban the celebration of Samhain. Instead, they Christianized it and it became All Saints Day -- a holiday to honor all the saints that did not have their own holiday. The night previous was called All Hallows Eve, which eventually morphed into what we now know as Halloween.

In the spirit of the ancient Celtic festival, Latter-day saints also honor their dead by performing sacred rituals to seal families together eternally. In this sense, there is a great deal of spirituality associated with the sacred work we do for our dead ancestors. We don't fear our dead or think they are ghosts trying to scare us. In fact, we think of them more like guardian angels and people who can support us from the other side of the veil. Perhaps we can use the traditional celebration of Halloween to remember our departed loved ones and appreciate their continued relevance in our earthly journey.

Featured this week is our video "Is Halloween An Evil Holiday?" and the associated podcast "All Hallows Eve & Spirituality." Our short is "Connecting With Our Dead." Sometimes a deeper look at anything can provide a whole new perspective!


LILY Pod Episode 93: All Hallows Eve & Spirituality (40min)

LILY Tube: Is Halloween An Evil Holiday? (6min)

LILY Tube Short: Connecting With Our Dead (1min)

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