LILY Letter 79: How to Harness Hope & Manifest Miracles

October 11, 2022

As some of you know, I (Jeff) recently lost my 24 year-old son Henry in a climbing accident. A few weeks earlier, I commented to my wife (Cathy) that it felt like life was just about perfect. Then some severe work stress intervened, followed by receiving heartbreaking news that is every parents' worst nightmare.

In such times as these, it is natural to despair and even question whether we will ever be happy again. I have had the opportunity to experience real grief several times before this (associated with death & divorce). Whether the period of mourning is long or short, the intense pain of early grief is eventually replaced by a mournful longing that will cause the tears to flow from time to time even years later. Eventually, we accept the loss for what it is and have the ability to go on and learn to be happy again.

Hope can be found in moments of pain and despair by recognizing and understanding the Lord's tender mercies. The moment I learned about my son's passing, I was about to join my co-panelists in filming the first episode of "America on Trial," a YouTube channel with four lawyers debating current events. Henry had loved the predecessor show and watched every episode. He even suggested the name "America on Trial" for our new show (link below -- dedicated to Henry, our biggest fan). The coincidence of our filming the first episode at the moment we learned of his death was one of many tender mercies during the first and most difficult weeks since his passing on 8/28/22. Our producer released that same first episode exactly one month later (9/28/22). For those that have eyes to see, Divine Design moments provide hope and comfort that God is mindful of us.

We have many biblical precedents demonstrating that losses ultimately make way for something better. Joseph was sold into Egypt by his own family and went to prison for a crime he didn't commit. But God prospered him in all these circumstances. He became the overseer of his master's house, the head prisoner, and ultimately Prime Minister of the country where he saved a nation from starvation. Was his story a tragedy? I'm sure it felt like it at the time. But it wasn't a tragedy. It was a miracle.

As I grieve the loss of my own beloved son, I take hope in the Lord's promises that "all things work together for good to them that love God" (Romans 8:28). I don't yet understand the Lord's purposes in my recent devastating loss. But, in time, I am confident that I will. We have seen miraculous results come into our own lives, and the lives of our coaching clients, through intentional and wise choices in perspective as we process and recover from any loss.

Our featured video of the week is an deep discussion about "Hope & Miracles with Heidi Tucker" (listen & watch options). Our short of the week is “Relationship Distress? We Can Help!” Also featured (this week only), is the first episode of "America on Trial" dedicated to Henry Teichert. If you enjoy healthy political debates, we invite you to follow in Henry's footsteps and SuBsCriBe to Jeff's new channel and enjoy their weekly content there.


LILY Pod Episode 91: Hope & Miracles with Heidi Tucker (90min) LISTEN OPTION

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NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL (only featured this week so be sure to SuBsCriBe): America On Trial, Dedicated to Henry Teichert: America on Trial, Biden Student Loan Forgiveness - How Will It Work? (20min)

LILY Tube Short: Relationship Distress? We Can Help! (1min)

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