LILY Letter 76: Flexibility with Formulas & Following the Spirit

September 20, 2022

Throughout the ages, mankind has been taking note of various social practices and coming up with clever sayings that seem fitting. Some of these sayings become formulas that people subscribe to because they encapsulate the wisdom of the ages.

While we see the wisdom behind many of these formulas, we also value personal revelation for our own individual paths. We recommend (and practice ourselves) only subscribing to the wisdom, rather than rigidly insisting on sticking to a formula.

For example, in the dating realm, "4 seasons and a road trip" is the saying for how long is best to date before marriage. The wisdom is in really getting to know a person before making a forever commitment. The quality of time, intentional effort, thoughtful evaluation, and prayerful consideration will matter as much as, if not more than, shear quantity of time.

We know plenty of couples who have been happily married for decades who had short courtships. We also have personal experience with marriages that didn't go the distance after adhering to the standard year of dating. Our own path as a couple to the altar took "8 seasons and a plane trip." Each person is different so every couple will have different needs.

Are you healing from a divorce or the death of a spouse? Are you preparing to enter the dating world again or already forming new relationships? We dive into many of the healing and dating “rules” out there in this week’s video: "Dating Formulas — What to Do With Them." Our short of the week is "Healing Triggers While Dating." (links below)

We also have a special podcast this week that includes following the spirit and finding our purpose in life — an interview we recorded on 8/24/22 with Richie Steadman from The Cultural Hall (episode 625 released 9/4/22) about the life and legacy of Minerva Teichert. You can now enjoy it on LILY Pod, Episode 88: Minerva Teichert’s Life & Legacy. (link below)


LILY Pod Episode 88: Minerva Teichert’s Life & Legacy (72min)

LILY Tube: Dating Formulas — What to Do With Them (28min)

LILY Tube Short: Healing Triggers While Dating (1min)

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