LILY Letter 74. Is the Law of Attraction Working FOR You?

September 6, 2022

The Law of Attraction is always at play in our lives—whether we're aware of it and intentional choose our focus, or not. We naturally attract and create more of what we focus on in our lives. Is the law of attraction working FOR you or AGAINST you? Honestly observe your thoughts and what you talk about with other people. Whatever you have been putting focus on will give you your answer. For most of us, the law of attraction is both working for and against us since none of us are perfect at always cultivating thoughts that are in harmony with what we want. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7). Using the law of attraction in our favor is a life long process and part of the reason we are here on earth.

The law of attraction is closely linked to the law of the harvest—we reap what we sow. What kind of thoughts are we sowing? Even though we are taught in Scripture that we reap what we sow, it doesn't mean what we sometimes think it does. It doesn't mean we control the outcomes of our crops. There are some factors we simply don't control. What it does mean, however, is that we will only ever grow the kind of crop that we plant.

The law of attraction and the law of the harvest are also related to the law of multiplication—which means that even though we may not choose when or how much we reap from our crop, if we continue planting and harvesting, eventually the law of multiplication will have its way and we will reap a harvest on the seeds we have planted.

What does that mean in our minds? We will end up sowing the outcomes based on the thoughts we are attaching to and cultivating. Our current life experience is an accumulation of the thoughts and choices we made in the past. This means that the thoughts we choose now will greatly impact our future, which is truly limitless! We’d invite you to try on a new thought whenever you feel discouraged that you’re not yet seeing the results you want. We call it, the “Power of YET!” (LILY Pod episode 84).

If you combine the "power of yet" with real understanding of the law of multiplication, the law of the harvest, and the law of attraction—it will give you motivation and staying power to continue planting what you want until you reap the harvest you desire. This can include loving companionship, even if you are age 95 and have never experienced the love you want. Remember—it's never too late for more love in your life!

Enjoy this week’s featured podcast on “The Law of Attraction” and the associated video: “Doing Social Media Right.” Our short of the week is “Believing and Creating the Impossible.”


LILY Pod Episode 86: The Law of Attraction (36min)

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LILY Tube Short: Believing & Creating the Impossible (1min)

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