LILY Letter 73: The Flip Side of Flop Circumstances

August 30, 2022

When you are in the middle of what feels like the worst possible thing that could ever happen to you, such as a divorce or the death of an intimate partner, it can be nearly impossible to see beyond painful feelings of despair. We wouldn’t want to take those painful feelings away entirely because the only way to do that would be to take the love out of relationships. We can, however, benefit from being reminded that it will get better and life can be beautiful again. Having faith in that truth will help us get through the darkest moments and come to a place of acceptance so we can enter the rebuilding phase of the healing process as quickly as possible.

Moving forward after crisis and finding a joyful life after painful loss is the objective and mission of LILY. We provide consistent resources to help our members feel supported and uplifted in their times of need. Every week we include a link in our LILY Letter to our most recent podcast and video to support your healing journey. We hope you are taking advantage of these free resources created especially for you!

Did you know that we also offer LILY Coaching services? We completed our advanced coaching certification this summer and we absolutely love helping our clients with this important work. We currently offer private coaching sessions and a men’s group led by Jeff called “Knights of the LILY” and women’s group led by Cathy called “LILY Ladies.” Please reply to this email if you are interested in trying one of these groups or a private coaching session. These coaching opportunities provide essential healing tools and strategic life design. They are all easily accessed from home by Zoom. We are here to serve you so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like us to help you get where you want to go!

We have a great desire to support as many struggling single adults as possible who are ready to turn their lives around and move toward the bright future we believe is in store after the bitter trial of unexpected loss. We invite everyone who knows someone having a hard time to please refer them to us for coaching. We are here to help those who are hurting and willing to shift their lives to a better place.

Enjoy this week’s featured video on bringing out the flip factors in ourselves and those we love: “Flips and Flops” and the associated podcast: “Beyond Suicide Prevention.” With major life crisis, like divorce or death of a loved one, we are all at greater risk of suicidal ideation and we offer a support system for those in need. While we don't want to lose anyone to suicide, we also want to go beyond that and support them in creating a mindset that fosters good mental health and ultimately creates a life worth living. It takes time and intentional effort to heal and rebuild. Give it time and please let us support you! Our short of the week is “Reframing Toxic Thoughts.”


LILY Pod Episode 85: Beyond Suicide Prevention (43min)

LILY Tube Video: Flips & Flops in Dating Relationships (14min)

LILY Tube Short: Reframing Toxic Thoughts (1min)

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If you enjoy this letter, forward to a friend. Our goal is to support as many mid-singles and later-married couples as possible!

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