LILY Letter 68: It's Never Too Late

July 26, 2022

We all know singles in their late 20s, 30s, 40s or beyond who would like to be married but haven’t yet been blessed with the opportunity. We’ve also known singles who have had the opportunity to marry but things didn’t go as planned and it resulted in an unexpected marital loss through the untimely death of a spouse or through divorce.

Discouragement can abide when certain parts of the life you planned for yourself seem to be passing you by. It might seem unrealistic to believe that the future could still hold love for you when you’ve already given up on that dream or you feel too jaded to believe it could turn out better than before.

We firmly believe it’s never too late to experience new and lasting love in your life. Success in deep and enduring family relationships is part of the reason we are here on earth. Our loving Father in Heaven is there to help us build a successful marriage and family life, even if the route to that success has thus far been paved with detours.

There is something extra special about love stories that have been a long time in the making and include the resolution of obstacles in order for the relationship to work. These partnerships require personal sacrifice and a willingness to do the hard work of self growth to support the union. We believe that personal work—the ability to see oneself and make self-improvements in the spirit of love and compassion—leads to successful dynamics between two partners who choose love and commitment with each other.

As observers of such love stories, we can feel a sense of “anything is possible” when seemingly insurmountable odds ultimately lead to a remarkable and miraculous connection takes shape before our eyes.

This week we share a special interview with two of our best friends who remained single into their 40s and finally found a home with each other and “sealed the deal” in the Bountiful Temple July of 2021. Happy 1st Anniversary to Dan & Emily this week!!!

Enjoy “Love at Last with Dan & Emily” (links for audio and video options available below) and our short of the week: “Navigating New Relationships.” To create more love in your own life, read our Amazon best-selling book to support your journey. Access here: Intentional Courtship.


LILY Pod Episode 80: Love at Last with Dan & Emily (66min) AUDIO OPTION

LILY Tube Interview: Love at Last with Dan & Emily (66min) VIDEO OPTION

LILY Tube Short: Navigating New Relationships (1min)

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