LILY Letter 66: Spiritual Trials of Faith

July 12, 2022

At a recent family reunion, Jeff's father asked each of his children and their spouses to share their testimonies. After we and his siblings had shared, Jeff's oldest son offered to share his testimony. He is the oldest grandchild and looked up to by all the younger grandkids. The pre-teens followed him around all weekend, basking in his fun dynamic personality during our three-day stay at the Red Cub Lodge in Idaho.

As a film-maker and avid movie lover, of course Jeff's son started his testimony with a movie reference. He began with the famous line from Napoleon Dynamite: "Get your own tots." He spoke about the importance of getting your own testimony and not relying on the testimony of others indefinitely, as that is unsustainable for a lifetime and it won't carry us through the spiritual trials of faith that will require our own spiritual strength.

While we sincerely appreciate the wisdom in this counsel Jeff's son gave the youth of our family, we also realize that sometimes life will throw at us things that will tax our spiritual strength and cause us to require a little borrowed light until we can get our own lost hope back.

Like the flame of a long-burning candle, sharing our light with others doesn't extinguish or diminish our own. When we know what it is like to live in darkness despite our best efforts to reach for light, we have more compassionate awareness when others are going through dark times and we are eager to share our light for which we are so grateful has returned to us.

Our featured podcast “Living on Borrowed Light” and it’s complimentary video “When the Spirit is Hard to Access” explores these concepts in depth. We have been getting many comments that these are answers to prayer and exactly what our viewers needed to hear so if these titles speak to you, please enjoy with the links below. Our featured Short for this week offers 7 ways to support yourself if you are adjusting to “Being Single Again” after a relationship loss.


LILY Pod Episode 78: Living on Borrowed Light (60min)

LILY Tube Video: When the Spirit is Hard to Access (24min)

LILY Tube Short: Being Single Again (1min)

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