LILY Letter 62: How Connection and Compassion Save Lives

June 16, 2022

This month we interviewed Julie Lee, author of "I See You: How Connection and Compassion Save Lives."

In the movie Avatar, the main character, Jake Sully, learns the phrase "I see you" from Neytiri, his love interest among the Na'vi people on the planet Pandora. To the Na'vi, "I see you" means more than noticing. It means truly seeing someone in all of their complexity, texture, and color.

Julie Lee compares watching a movie in full high definition color with watching it in black and white. She says when we choose to really see each other and have compassion, it is like watching the movie of life in full color and high definition. The title song of the movie Avatar contains this verse:

"When my heart was never open
And my spirit never free
To the world that you have shown me
But my eyes could not envision
All the colours of love and of life evermore

Virtually every mid-single has been through trauma of some kind, which means we are all living with triggers that can be activated when we bump up against each other. When this happens in others, we may be tempted to judge the irrational response. If we slow down enough to fully see others in color, we can respond with kindness and patience

We are naturally social beings and crave connection with others. It is impossible to maintain optimal mental health in isolation. When we are seen and choose to see others in high definition color, we feel less alone and more connected. The endeavor to feel more connected to others begins with the decision to intentionally try our best to really "see" others. The rewards mean, at a minimum, a more mentally healthy life and even the opportunity to save lives by helping those around us to feel connected instead of alone.

Featured this week on LILY Pod and LILY Tube is our I See You interview with Julie Lee, a delightful chat with one of the most compassionate and caring people we know. Our weekly video is closely related as we explore Navigating Trauma & Triggers which can help us heal and manage our own triggers and increase our sensitivity to those who may be experiencing their own triggers around us so we can really see them and show them we care.


LILY Pod Interview Episode 74: I See You with Julie Lee (64min) LISTEN OPTION

LILY Tube Interview: I See You with Julie Lee (64min) WATCH OPTION

LILY Tube Video: Navigating Trauma & Triggers (17min)

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