LILY Letter 53: Living True to Inspiration

April 12, 2022
Life offers a plethora of "loud voices" that can deter us from divine guidance and inspiration. By loud voices, I mean naysayers, haters, and those who put us down or lash out because they are hurting. These voices seem loud and can easily drown out all the supportive voices that counter them because our human brains tend to look for what is wrong and want to fix it. The problem is, there is no amount of response we can give that will convince anyone else to feel differently. In fact, fix attempts will likely cause more contention and damage our peace in the process. Instead we suggest using intentional discipline to focus on and emphasize the supportive voices in our lives. Allowing supportive voices from others, and even from your own minds, to overpower those loud voices that would otherwise capture our attention can help us avoid being dragged down. As we learn to tune out loud voices, we gain the power to live true to our inspiration to do what is in our highest good and the greatest interest of our planet.

What kind of loud voices are there in the mid-singles community? We've personally seen gender shaming, bitterness against former spouses, accusations against organizations, persecution on religious topics, lack of respect for the institution of marriage, and even ill assumptions and misconceptions about sincere efforts made to serve mid-singles. Each one of these can keep us from participating in elevating and empowering opportunities. It keeps some from dating or wanting to ever be in a relationship again. These voices can disempower and degrade our human spirit. We pray you won't let this happen to you. We all have divine potential with opportunities all around us to intentionally create more joy in our lives.

Loud voices can get in the way of our own enlightenment. What we are meant to learn from a particular talk, book, article, video or podcast can get lost if we pay attention to critical voices of others and in our own minds. We may get distracted by something we disagree with and miss the truth we could otherwise learn through the spirit. One such example for me came through a talk Brad Wilcox gave that received a fair amount of criticism. He shared a concept that really spoke to my heart and helped me understand that if God is guiding me and I am following that guidance, why should I question it just because someone is being loud to the contrary? I am deliberately NOT commenting on the rest of what he said, only observing the fact that I was able to receive something good from something that was highly criticized. I value my ability to do that and I hope those reading this will commit to do that too.

Jeff and I are not perfect, but we hope that every article we write, every podcast we create, every video we share, all gets received with an open heart and mind. Not everything we say will be the right thing for everyone but we do hope that there's always some golden nugget that each person who listens can take from what we work so diligently and consistently to create for the elevation of humanity. We hope the same will happen at church, in your various occupations, within your hobbies, and wherever else you have the potential to receive goodness and light. Let's not allow loud voices to deter us from our potential or get in the way of what we are meant to learn and grow from in this life. Remember that God is not in the whirlwind or the earthquake or the fire but he speaks with a "still small voice" (1st Kings 19:11-12). May we let go of all the loud voices in our lives and choose to be still so we can hear Him.


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Learn how to tune out loud voices without substance and focus on supportive voices instead in this week’s featured video. Calm voices of substance can support our highest good as we intentionally seek to receive golden nuggets of truth and enlightenment. In this week’s podcast we touch on substance from our most recent General Conference and tackle one of the most sensitive issues--navigating LGBTQ concerns within our faith. Please listen with an open heart and mind. Watch our featured short on the power of authenticity to create connection and check out our new official trailer.

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