LILY Letter 52: Are Mid-Singles the Leftovers?

April 5, 2022
A mid-single person once commented in a singles group: "We are just the leftovers. Get used to it." I've pondered that characterization a lot since then. Is it true? Are mid-singles just the leftovers that nobody else wanted? I have also sometimes heard people refer to mid-singles as an "Island of Misfit Toys." How about that expression? Is it descriptive or useful?

You are generally what you choose to see yourself as. If you see yourselves as leftovers, you do not do justice to the God who created you in His own image and likeness. If you are endowed, God has empowered you to become a king or a queen. If you are not yet endowed, that blessing is awaiting you. This means that you have the power to rise from the status of a mere mortal to the glory of an eternal king or queen, and to preside over numberless dominions of all heights and depths. That is what you were born to be.

The purpose of Love In Later Years (LILY) is to remind you of who you are and what you have the power to become. We are not just here to nurse our wounds and help a few people get married. We are here to create kings and queens, filled with infinite love, power, and glory. The atonement of Jesus Christ is all about redemption and second chances, which we can receive by putting the past behind us and reaching for a future that is glorious beyond all description.

God will "reveal" glory that is already there--the divine heritage that dwells in your very being because you are a child of God. The fact that you may have suffered or that you are suffering now does not change this. It will reveal who you really are. You are not leftovers. You are resilient survivors who have been tested by the refiner's fire. You have forged character and courage and strength beyond what most mortals could endure. You are among the elect of God, and you are future kings and queens.

Cathy is not merely the "leftovers" I could manage to scrape up like crumbs on the kitchen floor of life. She is my queen. It is the great privilege of my life to be loved by her. The fact that we both had a life before each other only means that we were prepared for each other in a unique way. Never let anyone tell you that you are the leftovers or that you are less worthy of divine blessings or fellowship with the Saints because of your single status. You may be at a different place than some, but you are moving in the direction of a crown of eternal glory. I believe most of you will yet taste a portion of this Glory while you are still on this Earth. I hope you can see the potential glory that may be revealed in your lives. You are seasoned and desirable!


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Mid-singles are NOT unwanted leftovers, they are seasoned and desirable! There is so much personal growth that can come from having loved and lost. This growth has produced some of the greatest people we know. Enjoy our featured podcast and it’s complimentary video about this important topic of divine nature, along with a short about finding sexual compatibility and a special edition highlighting portions of the first ever Intentional Courtship book club.

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