LILY Letter 51: Living & Loving Boldly

March 29, 2022

Our message this week is to "live boldly" by being your authentic self in wise vulnerable ways with those you believe will accept you as you are, and to "love boldly" by encouraging others to be honest about who they are and to love them unconditionally. To practice "real love" is to be a "wise person" according to Greg Baer (our guest interview in February).

Living boldly gathers your power to harness creative forces in your life. It also helps you avoid the temptation to be a dating chameleon, trying to modify yourself to be what your partner wants rather than your authentic self. Living boldly is about showing up in relationships with integrity, rather than with a need to please the other at all costs. Watch "Dating Chameleons" to dive deeper into living boldly!

Loving boldly means to intentionally choose loving energy, to live wholeheartedly, to be vulnerable, and open your heart to love and embrace the risks that come with that decision. Watch or listen to "Loving Boldly" to dive deeper into loving boldly!

Becky Mackintosh is the author of "Love Boldly: Embracing your LGBTQ Loved Ones AND Your Faith." She believes the answer to every question or conflict is love. Wherever there is a temptation to judge, condemn, or ostracize—instead "lean into love" and strive to develop empathy, understanding and compassion. For things that happen in life that don't fit our vision board, she encourages us to "trust God" through all those messy twists and turns. Becky was our guest interview for March on “LILY Pod” and “LILY Tube” (featured). Enjoy!


LILY Pod Episode 63: Loving Boldly with Becky Mackintosh (listen option)

LILY Tube Video: Loving Boldly with Becky Mackintosh (watch option)

LILY Tube Video: Dating Chameleons (8 min)

LILY Tube Short: Is your Life just Normal or is it Special? (1 min)

Enjoy “Loving Boldly with Becky Mackintosh” with the listen option on LILY Pod OR the watch option on LILY Tube. Combined with loving boldly, we also believe in living boldly, being authentic and vulnerable in relationships. Avoid being a “dating chameleon” and avoid being with anyone who simple tells you what you want to hear. It’s not real and can never satisfy our need as humans to really connect with one another.

If you enjoy this letter, forward to a friend. Our goal is to support as many mid-singles and later-married couples as possible!

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