LILY Letter 49: Lucky in Love

March 15, 2022

With the luck of the Irish on your side during St. Patrick's Day, you may find yourself lucky in love too. We did! On March 17th of 2016, Cathy posted an image of herself in several Facebook singles groups in a shirt which read: "Looking for my Lucky Charm." She remembers thinking, "this is silly and isn't likely to bring my eternal companion into my life but I'm certainly open to it happening." Well, it did happen that St Patrick's Day, although she wouldn't know it for quite some time. Jeff sent a friend request that day and Cathy accepted. We know because Facebook informed us two years later, when we were engaged to be married in May of 2018, that St. Patrick's Day was our "friendiversary." We consider ourselves very lucky in love indeed!

St. Patrick's Day was originally celebrated in Ireland with religious services and feasts. When Irish immigrants brought St. Patrick's Day traditions to the United States, the day evolved into a celebration of Irish culture, eating corned beef and cabbage and wearing green. The three-leaf clover has been considered the unofficial national flower of Ireland for centuries. Irish legend says that Saint Patrick used the shamrock as a symbol to explain the Holy Trinity to nonbelievers as he converted the Irish to Christianity in the fourth century. The three leaves of a shamrock are also said to stand for faith, hope and love. Believed to be a Celtic charm, four-leaf clovers were used for magical protection from evil spirits and to repel bad luck. The rare fourth leaf represents luck, just as finding real love is rare and fortunate.

Zig Ziglar famously said, "Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.” Many look at those who have found happy and successful marriages at midlife and think, "aren't they lucky!" And you know what? We are! You never know the day when your future king or queen will enter your life. Your job is to be prepared when that day comes so you can seize the opportunity and receive that blessing. Preparation includes learning to love better, healing, and personal development--so when your lucky day arrives, you will be able to bring a happy and healthy self to a new relationship. May the Lord bless you with the luck of the Irish in your search for your king or queen.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! In honor of our 2016 “friendiversary” happening this Thursday, 3/17, we are offering initial full-hour coaching sessions for only $16. Reply to this email to request an apt and secure with convenient payment by Venmo and we’ll schedule your session at a mutually agreeable time later this month. We look forward to working with you one-on-one!


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