February 23, 2022
Life offers us plenty of "loud voices" that can deter us from our own divine guidance and potential. With intention and personal integrity, we can do what we feel inspired to do that is in our highest good and the greatest good of our planet despite loud voices that might otherwise distract us from our important missions here on earth.

By loud voices, I mean those who are naysayers, those who are haters, those who put us down, those who lash out because they are hurting. The reason those voices may seem louder than all of the supportive voices that counter them, is because the human brain tends to look for what is wrong and wants to fix it. It takes intentional discipline to focus on supportive voices and let go of the loud ones that can easily capture our attention and drag us down.

Sometimes loud voices can even get in the way of what we're meant to learn from a particular talk, book, article, video or podcast. We may get completely distracted by something we disagree with and miss the truth we are meant to learn through the spirit. One such example for me came through a talk Brad Wilcox gave and the criticism he is received for it. I don't remember exactly how he said it but one of the concepts he shared really spoke to my heart and helped me understand that if God is guiding me and I am following that guidance, why should I question it just because someone is being loud to the contrary? I am deliberately NOT commenting on any of the rest of what he said, only observing the fact that I was able to receive something good from something that has been highly criticized. I value my ability to do that and I hope others are able to do that too.

Jeff and I are not perfect, but we hope that every article we write, every podcast we create, every video we share, all gets received with an open heart and mind. Not everything we say will be the right thing for everyone but we do hope that there's always some golden nugget that each person who listens can take from what we work so hard to share. I hope the same will happen at church, in your various occupations, within your hobbies, and wherever else you can receive goodness and light.

Having said this, I would like to speak for a moment about how to overcome loud voices that may be out there in the mid-singles community. These voices can include gender shaming, bitterness against former spouses, accusations against organizations, persecution on religious topics, lack of respect for the institution of marriage, and even ill assumptions and misconceptions about sincere efforts made to serve mid-singles. Every one of these can keep us from doing what is in our highest good and participating in what could be elevating and empowering. It keeps some from ever dating or wanting to be in a relationship again. These voices can be disempowering and degrade our human spirit.

We all have divine potential in us. Let's not allow loud voices to deter us from that potential or get in the way of what we are meant to learn and grow from in this life. Remember that God is not in the whirlwind or the earthquake or the fire but he speaks with a "still small voice" (1st Kings 19:11-12). May we let go of all the loud voices in our lives and choose to be still so we can hear Him.

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