LILY Letter 38: Mindset for a New Year

December 28, 2021

We saw this piece of art in New York City and the image really caught our eyes. As life coaches, we teach about thought work and do a fair amount individually and in our marriage, so our attention is often focused on what is happening in the mind. Because our human mind created the life we currently experience, the question that came to me the instant I saw this was, "What is growing in my head?" I pose the same question to you, "What is growing in yours?"

The stories we all tell ourselves about the facts of our lives lead to the emotional energy that influence our behaviors and ultimately our outcomes. As humans, we are driven by the emotions we want to feel and often the perceived solution is to change our circumstances to feel the way we want. However, this is backwards. If we instead change our stories to support the emotions we want to feel and the energy we want to experience, the circumstances naturally change to fit the new belief.

As you ponder the question of what is growing in your head, remember to offer yourself compassion as you become more self aware. Though there may be plenty of things we like about what is growing in our minds--like the education and life lessons we have learned, it is just as likely that we may not like everything growing there. When we find what we don't like, shame and frustration may be tempting, but is not useful. A good dose of self compassion and self love can aid in the process of healing what isn't working. Figure out what stories are not contributing to your highest good and come up with ways to redirect those thoughts towards those which will be more beneficial and elevating. That is the essence of effective thought work.

While bravely observing our minds with more awareness, it is important to stay positive and solution focused. By focusing on solutions to whatever in your mind may not be serving you, the possibilities of other optional thoughts become endless. Be persistent and intentional in overriding the neuropathways that had formed previously and over time it will change your mind and your life for the better. Sometimes we can get stuck or unable to pinpoint what thoughts are getting in the way of living our best life. This is where coaching comes in. Jeff and I specialize in relationship coaching. That includes each person's relationship with their self, their higher power, and with others.

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