LILY Letter 31: Persistence Mirroring Patience

November 9, 2021

In his General Conference talk "One Percent Better," Elder Dunn spoke of how the “mighty change” we desire in our lives can be made possible through the small gains that aggregate through consistent, daily effort. He went on to suggest mirroring persistence with patience.

Take a moment and ponder this concept of balancing anxious engagement towards our goals with patience in God's timing. We "hurry" forward creating the life we want while we "wait" on our heart's desire to manifest. This requires faith that small hinges open big doors and to continue putting in consistent effort, trusting that eventually the right doors of opportunity will open for us.

As mid-singles, it took a lot of effort dating for many years with very little long term results. It didn't work for us--until it did. As creators of Love In Later Years (LILY) and authors of "Intentional Courtship" (newly released on Amazon), it took a long time to get the book ready to publish and our group to 1000 members (which just happened over the weekend!).

We are grateful to have learned patient perseverance as mid-singles searching for love and as a married couple with a passion for providing mid-singles with the resources we had hoped for. Thank-you for allowing us to lift you up with our writing, podcasts, and videos. We love you and believe in the efforts you are making to become your best self while searching for the loving companionship you desire.

LILY Pod 41: Hurry and Wait!

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