LILY Letter 30: Intentional Courtship

November 2, 2021

"Intentional Courtship: A Mid-Singles Guide to Peace, Progress, and Pairing Up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" will be released THIS Friday, November 5th! This is the book we desperately wished for when we became mid-singles. Since then, we have learned that a majority of the adult members of our Church are single either because they have not yet married, or they went through a divorce, or they are widowed. Though our personal experience is with divorce, this book is written for ALL mid-singles. We consulted with those who have never married and those who have lost a spouse to death in order to adequately represent all single members who are beyond a traditional first marriage in their twenties.

The book is broken down into three sections that mirror the subtitle. Part One (eight chapters) is dedicated to the process of finding PEACE through reflective self-evaluation and healing from loss. If you aren't ready to date, this book is for you because it's about so much more than dating. It will support you in creating a happier life as a single person, besides preparing you for dating. Part Two (six chapters) is about making PROGRESS in the dating arena. The dating world at middle-age can feel foreign for many. These chapters provide good ideas for where to start and how to proceed in meeting people and creating new relationships. Part Three (six chapters) focuses on the intricate art of PAIRING UP wisely and intentionally. These chapters will provide guidance for navigating relationships as they deepen and progress toward eternal commitments.

We end our book with our own love story. Many advanced readers have told us it's their favorite part because of how human and vulnerable it is. The reason we can give such great advice throughout the book is because of all the things we learned how to do better by trial and error. Although we try our best to set a good example, we are human like everyone else and God has a way of smoothing out the rough spots and making things work when they are meant to be, especially when we are doing all we can. We hope and pray this book will support you in doing your part. Sending love and light!

Our book will be available on Amazon in eBook and Hardback this Friday, November 5th. Here's a link to a brief description, reviews from our advanced readers, and the opportunity to purchase Intentional Courtship from our website.

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We discuss the genesis of our book "Intentional Courtship" and principles for obtaining personal peace, making progress with dating, and ultimately pairing up to create an eternal marriage. With Dr. Sean Brotherson, we discuss his experience counseling mid-singles as a bishop and family science professor as well as his take on our book as a developmental editor.

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