October 23, 2021

Two weeks ago, on Saturday 10/9/21, I (Cathy) was in a car crash. We were SO grateful to be attending church together the very next day (as indicated in the featured photograph)! There is an "illusion of control" in driving and in dating, especially if you've never been in an accident or experienced a serious relationship loss. Such things remind us that we don't always have control but we can rely on a loving Heavenly Father, who always has our best interests at heart, so we can take meaningful risks with confidence and faith.

While driving to my biggest event of the year (besides our "Intentional Courtship" book launch in a few weeks), my car hydroplaned on a 5-lane freeway and I lost all control while in the driver's seat. After facing the possibility of death or serious injury, it put the large SAU Violin Celebration Concert I was in charge of into a new perspective. I had been nervous about getting 400 Suzuki Violin students in place and being Master of Ceremonies. After the accident, I felt divine power come over me and those nerves gave way to a higher power, who orchestrated a magnificent concert through me and all our wonderful participants. I had been planning this event for over a year, with the help of my amazing committee and staff, but God took over that day. It was a huge boost of confidence after what could have been otherwise tragic.

Interestingly, prior to the accident, Jeff and I had been discussing the "illusion of control" we tend to feel in cars (as opposed to the common fear of flight, where a pilot is in control). Most people tend to feel more comfortable with that illusion of control while driving a car, even though car accidents are far more common than plane crashes. Check out "Jesus Take the Wheel"--our most recent YouTube video in our "Sunday Spirit Candy" series. Enjoy this special episode that literally hit close to home.

For the past two weeks, on our podcast "LILY Pod," we discuss the perils of believing we have more control over our circumstances than we really do, and the power of intentionally focusing on the things we can influence in "The Illusion of Control." The following week we talk about the sobering truth that we don't control as much as we like to think we do in this life. Humility, which I define as "Sober Confidence," can help us overcome the fear that arises from being human and experiencing things we can't control. In such circumstances, we can focus on the confidence that can come through aligning with divine power.

Enjoy "Jesus Take the Wheel," "The Illusion of Control," and it's sequel "Sober Confidence." Find "LILY Pod" on your favorite podcast app or use the convenient links below to view/listen. 💕

LILY YouTube Video: Jesus Take the Wheel

LILY Pod Episode 38: The Illusion of Control

LILY Pod Episode 39: Sober Confidence

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