LILY Letter 27: Personal Revelation

October 12, 2021
During our last General Conference, Sister Johnson said that stories are compelling because of adversity and opposition. Agency allows us to write our own stories. David had to face Goliath in order to write his heroic story. Queen Esther courageously faced the potential rath of a Kind to let God prevail. Sister Johnson ended her talk with the piercing question: "Will you let God be the author and finisher of your story?"
Letting God prevail and seeking His wisdom allows us to write our own heroic story with whatever adversity we face along our life path. When it comes to making the life-altering decision about divorce (if your life requires that choice to be made), we can rely on God to help us make wise choices. Personal revelation through the gift of the Holy Ghost offers a great deal of confidence as we find ourselves in need of greater wisdom and knowledge than we currently have.
We can also rely on wise revelation others have experienced on the same topic. This is why we have scriptures and other historic literature to support us with hindsight from lessons of the past. We created a podcast specifically for those currently making "The Divorce Decision." Many years ago, Jeff was inspired by his own prayerful decision about divorce. He came up with a helpful 3-step process for working through that life-altering decision.
If you know anyone currently making this decision, please share this with them so they can be supported in their own prayerful decision-making process.

LILY Pod Episode 35: The Divorce Decision

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