August 26, 2021

A couple of months before the covid-19 crisis hit, I had a night where I couldn't sleep. I went down to my study and got on the computer. I thought about working, but the thought of doing legal work at 3:00 a.m. felt too heavy. Then I stumbled on a document that got my attention. It was a book I had started writing several years before, when I was still a mid-single. I had written part of five chapters and decided I wasn't ready to finish it and put it on the shelf. I read some of it and decided it was good. I wrote some more that night and shared it with Cathy the next day. She immediately commented, "I want in."

"Intentional Courtship" was our pandemic project together while the whole world was quarantined. But it is really more than that. It is the book we wished we had when we entered the mid-single world frightened, disappointed, and deeply discouraged. We wanted to give people hope who had lost a lot. We wanted people to know that life after divorce or the death of a spouse can be beautiful; and how to go about creating that kind of life. It is based on our experience as mid-singles in personal development and dating, and interacting in the larger Latter-day Saint community.

We started LILY for similar reasons. We believe that mid-singles are the most underserved community in our faith. We wanted to build a supportive community where mid-singles and later married couples would know that they are not alone. We wanted to have a place to educate, inspire, and support mid-singles and later married couples.

As with most great endeavors, LILY is a work in progress. We have this group. We have a great podcast called "LILY Pod." We have our weekly "LILY Letter." We have our "Sunday Spirit Candy" videos. We have our website at loveinlateryears.org . We have LILY Coaching. We hope you are enjoying these resources. "Intentional Courtship" is just weeks away from being published.

In the future, we will have online and in person courses, conferences, and retreats. We want this organization to give hope to the hopeless and spread goodness and light in the world. A year on, we have well over 800 members and we are growing fast. We are small but take courage from the fact that a great Apostle promised that, "A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump" (Galatians 5:9). Beginning with a small act of faith and by the grace of God, our little mustard seed can change the world (Matthew 17:20).
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