August 2, 2021

I was recently offered an appointment as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Utah, in the Constitutional Defense Section. I get to be a constitutional lawyer as my day job--something I have wanted for 26 years and had almost given up on. Cathy and I are excited about this new adventure.

Some may undoubtedly wonder what this will mean for my contribution to Love in Later Years (LILY), and I feel I should address that. I fully intend to continue, exactly as I have in the past. As I built my law firm, I routinely put in 50-55 hours a week practicing law and administering the business. I mostly worked on LILY as a passion project on evenings and weekends. My new career will likely be a bit less demanding in terms of hours.

The only real change will be that I will not have as much flexibility to do things for LILY during the day and then just work later into the evening. The truth is, however, that I didn't do LILY activities very often during the business day anyway.

All my coaching clients are scheduled on evenings and weekends, and that will continue. If you are interested in my coaching, I have a few spots left and welcome you to inquire about a virtually free initial consult ($5 setup fee). Cathy also has some availability, with openings during the work day.

Love in Later Years continues to be a passion project for me and for us, you can count on that.

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