July 28, 2021
A few days ago we got our author proof of Intentional Courtship. We will be making some minor changes and then announcing the official release date. This book was our COVID-19 project, but it was more than that. I started writing it several years ago, before Cathy and I even met. When I pulled it out of mothballs to work on it more, Cathy said, "I want in." I was happy to work side by side with her on this project.

We wrote this book for one primary reason--because no one else had. There was really no book out there about healing from traumatic life events, personal development, and dating for mid-singles, and such a book is sorely needed. THIS is the book we wished we had when we began our mid-single journeys. This book contains the wisdom, insights, and secrets we learned through almost a decade each in the mid-singles community.

There are many authors and speakers that focus on our youth and young adults. We believe mid-singles have been underserved in this way, and that is something we are working to change.

Writing this book has been a labor of love, and we hope this love leaps out to you from the pages of this book. We hope you will love reading it as much as we loved writing it.

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