July 14, 2021

What is growing in your head? When I saw this in NYC, I had to take a picture. It is such a great symbol for the thought work Jeff and I have been doing in Jody Moore's Be Bold program. Special thanks to Jody and her coaching team for their efforts to teach such helpful concepts.

As certified life coaches, we find this type of narrative therapy to be incredibly helpful and beneficial, as long as it is used correctly. As we take a closer look at our stories and separate out the facts from our own perspective, we can choose the stories that serve us and elevate our energy and emotions. As a result, our behaviors and outcomes naturally shift to more of what we want. The most important part in doing this work is to do so without judgment and with plenty of self-compassion.

On our Love In Later Years (LILY) podcast, we introduce our F-SEEBO Model, created especially for those who are single at midlife and dealing with trauma from past relationships. Because we've experienced those things, we are uniquely aware of how the stories we tell after loss of a relationship can impact the life we create moving forward.

LILY Pod episode 11 introduces "Our F-SEEBO Model"--a tool which has greatly increased our capacity to serve and enjoy life. We could have saved ourselves a lot of grief and heartache had we known these principles when we were recovering from our divorces. We hope it will be as helpful to our Love In Later Years community as it has been for us. Enjoy listening and happy thought work! 💕
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