July 10, 2021

Cathy and I had an instant bond--though it took us a long time to figure out what we were going to mean to each other. Looking back, I won the lottery on Saint Patrick's Day 5 years ago. Sometimes we meet kindred spirits and we know they are meant to play a part in our lives. Other important relationships take time to reveal themselves. Cathy and I had both together.

Last evening we were out to dinner with my parents and my sister's family who we don't see enough of for our liking. I told my mother that the miracle I got was better than the one I wanted. The miracle I had wanted was for my former wife to be visited by an angel like Alma the younger and have a mighty change of heart toward me and toward our faith. The miracle I got was an infinitely more loving, connected, and complete marriage to the woman of my dreams.

My mother replied to this comment saying that there were not a huge number of women who would have been a good match for me, but she thinks Cathy and I are uniquely suited to each other. Of course, I agree. I want to make two observations regarding this idea:

1. I am not for everyone and neither are you. It is okay that not everyone likes you, even if the vast majority of people you are attracted to don't seem to reciprocate. Love does not need to work out every time. It only needs to work out once--and it never works until it does. So don't get discouraged. If it hasn't worked out so far, that only means that it hasn't worked out yet.

2. Sometimes you will meet and have a connection with someone in a very improbable way--kind of like Adam and me becoming friends doing a TV show together (I had never heard of him previously) and meeting Grace because she is Adam's partner. They live like 20 states away from us. The same thing can happen in the realm of dating and partner relationships. Keep your eyes open.

Cathy posted the following on Instagram, and I love it:

Insta-Friends! You know those precious times when you hit it off instantly with a new person? That happened for us with both Adam and Grace. After being on "The Lawyers Den" for the past 6 months, Adam and Jeff finally met in person. Since significant others were invited, Grace and Cathy met too. Like joyful magic, we all became instant friends. 💕

Wanting to spend some time as couples before getting together with the whole Lawyers Den team, Adam and Grace picked us up in Greenwich Village, where we had walked to from our Riu Plaza hotel near Times Square.

During our initial of many great conversations, Grace mentioned that she loves playing chess. As soon as we exited the parking garage, we serendipitously ran into this lovely little vintage chess game shop.

We intended to eat a late lunch together but ultimately ended up walking around talking and discovering fun random things on our first adventure with them. It was such a great way to start off our independence holiday weekend in New York, New York!

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