LILY Letter 13: Healthy Relationship Development

July 6, 2021

Trees reach up for light and grow in the process, and so do we as sons and daughters of heavenly parents. Facing upwards provides lofty perspective. Looking up in search of holiness builds strength and dignity as disciples of Deity. We can serve and lift others from a higher plane as we look up to our Master in order to live and grow well (Russell M. Nelson, Daily Joy, pg181).

Creating healthy relationships after loss and trauma is not an easy task. To support mid-singles who are looking up in order to grow and become their highest self, we did a series of 5 short (but powerful) podcasts which we call our “Relationship Development Series.” First we explore the pursuit of excellence, personally and relationally, as part of one’s overall pursuit of happiness. Second is the importance of self-image in creating a happy life and developing healthy relationships. Third is about respect and fair play in dating, and the importance of being honest and authentic in order to create meaningful connection. Fourth is on the power of letting go, in order to receive peace and make room for future blessings. Last, we discuss how to cultivate purposeful joy in direction, without getting caught up in perfectionism.

These recent LILY Pod episodes break apart relationship myths and mindset blocks that stop mid-singles from investing (again) in healthy, balanced, long-lasting relationships. The 5 topics correlate with a great program we are involved with as coaches called the “Dating Olympics” (click here to learn more and get involved). We interviewed the founder and facilitator, which you can listen to here (episode 15): Sheri Braithwaite and the Dating Olympics

Taking a compassionate look at how we showed up in past relationships can help us show up better in current and future relationships. Self-awareness can be a powerful tool, as long as we give ourselves grace along the way. Spend your energy making yourself happy and loving your partner, rather than trying to change your partner in attempts to make yourself happy. Learning that principle, along with many others discussed on our weekly podcast, sets us up for a more joyful life and more fulfilling relationship moving forward.

Relationship Development Series:

Pursuit of Excellence


Respect and Fair Play

The Power of Letting Go

Joy in Direction (Not Perfection)

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